Hello my name is Isaiah Wonkel, I was named after a very SPECIAL ANGEL.  I am Leader of the Planet “Peace” Our  own little world.  We call it the “Land of  Wonkel” in the “ World  Of Nice Kind Equal Landsmen” I reside in the County of  Wonkelzar,  In the State of Wonkellite, in an area called “Lil Wonkel Town..  We stand for all things GOOD. .

Now if I had been a totally serious, ordinary little guy, you would not have looked twice right?  Well now that I have your attention let me tell you the story of  the “PEACE PLANET” and the land of  “WONKEL”,

It is from the seed of SUNFLOWER that we breed. Nourished by the moisture of  SNOWFLAKES sent by ANGEL KISSES. Picture a perfect world set with the most beautiful landscape of  flowers, trees, mountains and lakes and everything serene and peaceful.  We are all happy and Love one another regardless of what part of  “Peace” we come from. To you we each have our own look and our own language but even with the differences we are all EQUALS.  We all have different talents that make Wonkel  the wonderful world that it is.  We travel to your EARTH to spread good cheer.  We have a little MAGIC? Yes!!!!  We all need to BELIEVE in something magical!  We have beamer buttons and  magical snowflake wands, that is how we travel when you are having peaceful dreams.  That is the world of Wonkel.

From anywhere on Planet Peace we can see your Earth thru our wonkelscopes.  Yours is also a beautiful planet  in which to reside .  So many wonderful people live all over your  Planet Earth.  Like us, so many different in their own way yet equally beautiful..  Now I do not need to explain Planet Earth to any of you so let me continue with Our story.

Thru our wonkelscopes we sometimes see sadness and despair, tears and heartbreak, poverty and sickness and the list goes on.  These are very difficult things for us to watch so “Our Mission”  is “Peace on Earth”  Where do we start?  Well, after some thought we all decided that a SMILE is a start and contagious at best.  If just one of us can put a smile on your face it’s a beginning J .

We have emotions, we know Love and Loss, Happiness and Heartbreak, Trial and Error.  We even know Anger, but not Violence.  We eat and drink and thrive almost like you do. The Peace we all share started from a very simple smile. Smiles are contagious!!

As I stated earlier our appearance to you on earth my seem a little silly but we want you to know a “Wonkel” when you see one.  Once we return back to our “Planet” we take on a new look.  It is a very “Timeless Expression”.  Why, you ask? Because We look at each other as Equals.  No one better, smarter, wiser, bigger, smaller, prettier or uglier we are all the same.  Also when you love someone deeply and are thinking of them, either those we see daily or those loved ones lost to us, it is sometimes hard to see them clearly in your minds eye, even though you know them so well. When you think about them isn’t it almost a timeless vision you see? So by having “timeless expression” we do not have to work so hard to keep the vision close.  We see strictly from the heart.  But if you look close enough you can still find the smile.

Our Mission here on your Earth will not be completed until we see Smiles, Equality for all and “PEACE ON EARTH”

Now that you  have a little better understanding of us we can’t wait to share some adventures with you!


Plant a flower they are beautiful!!!!! And most important “MAKE SOMEONE SMILE”

Created and written by: Linda Gallipo – Vermont Felted Family Creations 4/2/2012

I am dedicating this story to my Grandchildren. I know they may not ever live in a “Perfect” world but I can wish it for them. I always tell them I Love Them To The Moon and Back as the old saying goes, Well I need to change that to say” “I Love You To Wonkelzar And Back”

Shall We Continue!!!————-

Many of us have been a little leery  of letting you find us roaming around your Earth.  We have been unsure if we would be accepted by you.  Now that several of us have become known we are getting a little braver.  Myself, I have found the greatest guy in your world, His name it Larry, he is a very kind and caring Man.  He cares deeply about others and is the most unselfish human I have found. He has agreed to  help any of us if his assistance is needed.  I will introduce him to you soon.

You see we would like to learn from you as well as bring you our guidance.  You have many talents not yet learned on the Peace Planet.  See everyone is so unique in their own way .

We have a handful of others that are already comfortable in your world. Princess Sunny is spending her time enjoying her SPECIAL FAMILY as well as Wilbur Wayne and his WONDERFUL FAMILY.  They both left Peace last week for your world. We have several getting ready to make the trip to Earth in the next few weeks.

Sunny lives in Rutland, VT

Wilbur lives in Ruthton MN

Luna lives in Rutland, VT